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Carolyn Fleg
Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practioner®
MBS Master Practitioner®

located in San Francisco, California

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I discovered the Feldenkrais Method® through dance in 2008 and was fascinated with what it taught me about myself, my dancing, how I learn, my relationships, and how I see the world. When first introduced to the method, I felt better and different afterwards. And I thought, "something important is happening here, but what is it?" This combination hooked me and keeps me coming back. Feldenkrais® gives me new ways to move that are easier and more beautiful and freer from pain. It has also given me unexpected access to myself and my abilities, curiosity, and creativity.

Awareness Through Movement® classes and individual Functional Intergration® lessons have helped me with some physical struggles, including asthma, sciatica pain, lower back pain, recovery from a shoulder injury, and healing after knee surgery. It gives me great pleasure to share solutions I continue to find in the Feldenkrais Method with my students.

I worked in publishing and taught English at Santa Barbara City College for twelve years before moving to San Francisco in 2007. Before that I taught at an International School, which focused on teaching English to students from around the world. There I met people of varying ages, many of whom were venturing from their home countries for the first time. I learned too, as they learned from me.

I continue to enjoy learning, and meeting and working with a wide variety of people, and I enjoy sharing the apparent magic of the Feldenkrais Method with those I work with. Because of my background in the arts and my experience with Feldenkrais as a way to access creativity, I also find it beneficial and pleasurable to do Awareness Through Movement before other creative activities.