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The Feldenkrais Method improves physical and mental functioning by fostering awareness of what we do and how we do it. It is useful for anyone wanting to enhance their quality of daily life and activities as well as for people who are recovering from injuries or ailments.

Feldenkrais helps us pay attention to and become aware of ourselves while moving. It's about finding comfort and pleasure within movement, which can directly transfer to the activities in our lives. Through movement lessons we discover the process of what we do and what our habits of movement and posture are. As we discover these habits, we also discover new choices and options, new awareness and organization. By introducing us to these new possibilities, Feldenkrais movement lessons (Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® ) give us new access to ourselves, which often results in recovery from injury, more self confidence, fitter bodies, and a general and greater sense of well being.

Awareness Through Movement or ATM is usually a group lesson in which a practitioner verbally guides a class through a movement lesson.

Functional Integration or FI is an individual lesson in which a practitioner guides you through a movement lesson with touch and words.

Coming to stand on rollers during a Functional Integration lesson.

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